Sugar cube

I couldn't resist giving you a peek. Cute? Right?

Had a nice exchange with a fellow SU ISDP student--someone who will graduate with our group of 3 (we have 2 adds who dropped out and will finish this summer). He is a good graphic designer who took an approach to his thesis doing a digital woodcut look. I sent him my sketch thesis to find out we are listing some of the same inspirations--his more direct than it should be interesting to see the work together this summer. His work is very blocked out and far more graphic than mine. Makes me want to try going that bold...and beefing up the tigerteeth to see where it goes. To compare them, my work is more "painterly"(?) using a range of colors and shading and his is more linework with a very limited palette.

The Papillon integrates the shiny learning from the dachshund--letting two tones of grey (or can be purple) to pick out the highlights to render the form. The eyes are really simple but still work. I laid in a single color for the eyebrow and cheek color and it got too flat( which, now as I say it...maybe I should take the black forms with the grey shadows and do a really flat one too...)so I added 3 orange to brown colors to give it some shape.

These dogs are cute and showstoppers strictly as the content is so winning. I think if I have 8-10 of these...They could be really merchandised and sold. I wonder if there is some type of little specialty kids store (maybe online) that there could be a fit? Need to think. Maybe that is selling "down"?

Finally, the "card" came. I found this rare and necessary technical component by digging around on the web which will allow my power tower to work properly with my new tool, a 30" Apple Cinema Display, sweetness personified. I have had the whole world of wires and technology plugged into my powerbook for about a week to take advantage of the monitor--and having the big box back in play is now welcome. I now am bitten by the bug to be like Al Gore (saw this confirming picture of Al in his messy as mine--with Al, upfront and center in front of his computer--flanked by three 30" cinema displays all with newpapers etc on them). Way to go AL. There is never enough wonderfulness when it comes to this stuff.

There is a tiny deer baby--the size of a small dog--gamboling outside my window. Too bad they are such pests. Speaking of pests, while Shady Grove and I were looking up at the trees (Shady for squirrels, rabbits and groundhogs (she thinks they might live in trees as well as holes)) I noted the meat-headed turkey vultures sitting on the tippy top of the tall pine trees that surround the quadrangle. They are still here. And then I heard a tap tap tapping to see a damned woodpecking pecking the margin board of the house. What does this bird think the house is? A square tree? So like a crazy person, I ran around clapping my hands and shouting at the woodpecker. It is moments like this that I am thankful our neighbors are at a bit of a distance from us...