Saturday 06.09.07

Yesterday was one of those days that was pulled into amazing focus. We attended an extrodinary person's memorial service that honored her in a way she would have approved of--and for those of us attending, her energy, spirit and generosity was palpable. People brought flowers and food to place under a white tent filled with flowers and big green checked tablecloths. The clouds cleared as we stood (some sat) outside the big, beautiful barn for a service of singing, readings, poetry and tributes to her spirit, her loves and her relationships. It was heartwrenching to see how special her world was, and that she had to leave it all in her prime with all the richness and fullness of how she lived, the people she affected and how her efforts affected a community that was and is feeling tremendous loss in her passing. We all mourn her and reach out to her family --now and as time goes on--in the future.

R. left for a whirlwind trip to Europe to meet people, see things, negotiate opportunities and steer clear of others if they dont feel right. I think it will all go swimmingly, and he will have a fruitful and hopefully, fun time. K, A, and I bought white baseball pants with a blue belt. We also went to the new skateboard shop and admired the boards, the shoes and the skater lifestyle stuff both K and A. dig. Then a little this and that shopping and up we went to Taughannock for a lovely walk in the park to the waterfall. We all loved it. Shady ran from K in the creek to me on the path back and forth like a black bullet. A. and I stayed on the trail and talked of many things. The shadows were blue and purple. Hemlocks with new growth, lightly shading--layer by layer. The waterfall was robust--It was beautiful and fun. Our key observation outside of a chipmunk or two was a nighthawk. Both K and I saw it to our surprise and delight.

Then home for movies... and sleep.

Today is the socking in of plants, the sorting of things and a little time spent on my holiday cards. But, if today is anything like yesterday, we will do some more walking.