Online sale

My Photopipe's (noted in my links) parallel company, QC Galleryworks are having a sale until the 7th of May. 40% off everything. That means 40% off 30"'x 40", Hahnemuhle photo rag paper, giclee for around 50 bucks. Seems too good to be true, so I googled Photopipe to find this nice blog entry about a photographer's jump into the unknown of online, big output and here is what he said>>: Taking the sample image he was going to submit:

"I sharpened it appropriately, converted it to 8 bit, saved it as a JPEG at the highest quality, and uploaded the 21.4 MB file to My Photopipe’s website. Several days later I received a triangular box in the mail that contained my rolled-up print. Opening the box, I was blown away at how good the print looked. I was quite impressed with their color management. They honored the Adobe RGB 1998 tag in the image and produced a print that was extremely close in color to the print made on my S9000 using a custom profile."

Works for me. I am calling today. Self promotion must wait. I have at least a dozen big images I need to get done for the August thesis show...and this might, just might, be the ticket. I found a local resource, but his prices are almost 2x the Photopipe/ QC Galleryworks prices. Anyone out there in the ether that has any insight on this one?