New Hobby: Self Promotion

In this weeks fun, I have been uploading new pix to the iSpot and to Portfolios.comand hopefully some graphic design stuff (see link at the top right of the page). I am a chimp at The Little Chimp Society a blog/tabloid chock full of images, interviews etc. I have been lazy (admittedly) and put some pix up yesterday and one today. I went back today and saw the image above with my "High on Life" image initially sketched for the Chicken Chokers (not quite what they were looking for). One above the fold with the skull, the other below the fold, in white, the paperwhite narcissis.Isn't this cool? Kick in the boo-tay for me to do a little more of this in different places as it might have a little splashback!

Spoke briefly with John Thompson from SU. We are going to have Gary Kelley for a week this summer and the other a graphic designer/illustrator, Whitney Sherman who John is very excited about.Right now my posture is to lie quietly and hope no one notices I am still breathing.

shhhh. I am.