Okay, here's the thinking

Rob is NOT into this. I am. A. is. All of A's 13 yr old boy pals are. So its 90% yes and 10% no or something like this. A. is into skateboarding. I am into illustration and cool stuff that you can market with illustration on it. So, we want to do a skateboard deck. There are these places on line you can either buy blank boards and directly decorate them or even better, you can do a 2 color board, minimum quantity is 20 pieces for about $15. a shot (translates to about $300.). No. We are not going to get rich with this but the cool factor for the thirteeners and for me (the looking at fiftiers) is about the same...and it could be a fun project...kind of like Junior Achievement. Do they have Junior Achievement any more...? Lemme look....My god! they do. We had it at our school and it totally was the lamest thing in the universe. It truly made me want to run away from making and selling products as fast as I could. The stuff they had us make was so tasteless and dumb no one ever wanted to buy it...and the idea of business plans and profit margins at a middle school/ high school level was presented as such dry fare, I am surprised that anyone grew up and engaged in the market at all.

Here are the resources the Rongovian Academy of Fine Arts sponsored junior achievement project may use (and you might want to, too):

ABC Boards>>

Academy's first choice: Mimic Skateboard Manufacturing>>

There. No more secrets. For now, that is.