tooling around

Trip to the Ithaca Farmers Market was a nice way intro to summer. Tons of plants for sale, lilac bushes, basil and herbs and all sorts of perennials and annuals. Big tubs of hosta and tiny containers of exotic mints. Art galore. Samosas and our new fave, the woodfired pizza and foccacia. Lovely baked goods. Macro Mama with the beaming Amy Glicklich serving up trays of peanut lime noodles to those waiting in line for that wonderfulness. Silk Oak was there with a new line of cute stuff for the summer including an inspired "Ithaca" graphic of a cabbage and ear of corn.They have a nice and inspiring crow on shirts etc. Makes a certain illustrator you all know think about doing a 3 color crow for shirts or whatever to be screenprinted. Or something else along that line. Gimme! is there. And the big news is that the Ithaca Trail now has a trailhead with benches and brick etc all polished and finished to integrate the Farmer's Market in with all the other fun that comprises the trail.

Then, off of Greenstar to see if we could get the missing ingredients for the promised whoopie pies as a form of treasure hunt and a way to avoid Wegmans during a busy Cornell graduation weekend. And yes, we did find Marshmallow Fluff*!(albeit made from a rice based sugar) along with other delicious things such as fiddlehead ferns (for dinner tonight) and leeks, and cocoa powder and nice salad dressing. Another off the beaten track shopping spree. As R. says, definitely all line of sight...and tons of local groceries which we all must support. Less carbon and feeing funds back into the local community. Its all good.

Whoopie pies in the oven. Enormous gauging by the recipe. Lilacs and wisteria out. Did some remedial weed pulling and small tree cutting this morning to make room for the plants I actually want..not the ones that have decided to take over. The hosta are gorgous...and there were some splits and replants too.

Gotta go.

*Director's note: The rice fluff isnt the same. Runnier and beige (imagine!)--so the icing was runny...but nothing that a half a block of cream cheese didn't remedy. Not all fluff is the matter how vegan it is. However, the fiddleheads sauteed in olive oil and garlic transports one to the gates of paradise. A taste of spring like asparagus and strawberries.