rain, finally

The mist is rising off the lake after a nice, long downpour that was promised, and we were fearful would not be delivered upon. Had a trip up to SUNY Brockport to cast our eyes on the campus to see what it looked like and how it would work for K and the NYSSSA program she has been accepted into. It seems very nice within the context of the SUNY campuses...and a big building for the arts right on the canal. Bicycle might be in order. We also, enroute, visited the Apple store in Rochester and fooled around with all the cool offerings. I foresee a nice big monitor coming my way as it is so nice and sharp and bright that these old eyes might benefit from the out of focus LaCie monitor I have been operating with for the past 4 years...and was purchased because it was cheap etc. Time to move a little on up. Route 20 was beautiful with amish farms and farmers, the produce markets and wonderful old trees that point towards the cobblestone farms and farm surrounds. The cobble buildings are exclusive to that area as the stones were salvaged from the diggging of the canal system that went "....from All-ban-ee to-o Buff-al-ooooooo" with the Erie being the big one and all the feeder canals going as far south as the Chemung Canal going into Elmira through the small towns like Montour Falls where the architecture and buildings pointed to the commerce these canals produced. Even here in Sheldrake, there were canals off Cayuga Lake taking boats and provisions off to storehouses off the lake. What an amazing time that must have been.

We had lunch at Connie's in Waterloo, self-described as the place Memorial Day was invented. There were lots of old cars parked down the street with lots of promise for a bang-up Memorial Day parade--but we fortunately, missed it.

Tomorrow, K plays in the Memorial Day parade and my hope is a little more weed pulling and some relaxing...maybe. I have been doing a lot of thinking about illustration and how to structure it against my design work or with it...with some interesting results. As soon as it is cooked, I'll give you a peek.