The Honorable Director of Art, Dibbles and Terrabits

I am a horrified and a little bit awed that I have, over the course of a year, maxed out a 500GB LaCie ancillary hard drive. Maxed! I have been wildly smooshing files, getting rid of dupes, and compressing the finished work to still be operating on digital fumes. So, in the spirit of progress (I guess, I am trying to not shrink) I have ordered TWO single terrabit hard drives to do as one of my digital mentors does. Operate out of one, use the other to back it up, and then take the other and put it in a safety deposit box...and swap out weekly. A bit of discipline, but after the partridge in the pear tree of storage...from syquests > diskettes > zip drives > jazz drives > tape backup > to the hard drive solution (which has been supplemental throughout this whole process) I am sorely tired of the changing solutions and none o them really working. I have stacks of DVDs I have burned to back up with in addition to backing up to the LaCie...with Apples Backup software...and to be honest, if I had to restore my would be close to impossible. We need a better solution...and to be honest, I would pay anything for something that was simple, direct and failsafe. I want the corporate IT department where its pretty much "fiddle dee dee--I trust corporate IT" versus the byte monkey I sometimes have to be. I wish I could back up to the web using the celebrated Carbonitebut they do not dig the MacNation. Poop. We will see. But for now, I pin my new acolade on my beribboned front for honorary events (like the Memorial Day parade?) here in Rongovia...proclaiming my place in Terrabitdom.

Update on Picture Salon

Love. Total love. Got the big sample print back. Perfect! Packaged well and respectfully. Spoke to one of the owners on the phone--very smart, knowledgable about giclees and the world they live in. She gave me a very succinct analysis on how giclees and electronic files are made into editions to my delight (I think I told you about that)--but the product is perfect. Uploaded 7 more images for the thesis Body of Work today and should see them in a week or so. Give em a holler. They are great.

Now, everyone cross their fingers. This is BIG wine weekend. We want to send the positive mojo to our pals at Juicebox Wine company and their wonderful (and wonderfully packaged!!) wines. Lets hope that everyone is swept off their feet with the offerings and their thoughts float to frosty glasses of nonwoody chardonnay and a crisp, sauvignon blanc, or a light and tasty white bordeaux. We need to really start our year with the launch of summer.

Skol and cin cin!

Gotta go.