bright day

You know that summer is coming with the bags of Cornell chicken in the fridge...and all the music concerts on the horizon, applications in the mail for this camp or that session. Tonight, big 2300˚/LPGA gig at the Corning Museum of Glass. Worth the trip...that's the tip. Beat the Donkey is the lead band with a bunch of local bands too. Local food and wine tasting. Hot Glass, high energy and fun is promised (and will be available). Still working on the dachshund and need to finalize soon for the animal client. Should be cute with a bow around it's midsection. Struggling a little with the highlights...but it coming along. I just seem to be cutting away, cutting away and breaking up the big shapes. I like the way the feet and nails have been resolved...and his eyes are sweet. After sleeping a while on the other Christmas card...I think I am on to a few ideas.

Last night was the undergraduate awards for the HS. It was nice as it wasnt the parade of geniuses. They also recognized the person who drove and organized the Year Book, the person who worked like a devil in math despite her bad grades, etc. It was encouraging as the spectrum was recognized and praised. It was hot and the sports boosters were selling fans with school graphics on them for fanning oneself. Last year's music concert featured 3 kids under the hot lights fainting and falling off the stage. Yay for the fans. One could say I am a fan about fans.

Client meeting in another 20 minutes. Coffee is brewing. Lawn is cut. Poor E. is not feeling well...and going to take some time to rest. Will knock a few down today.

More later, I know it.