Nice mention

FreeRange was received well at the Nantucket Wine Festival>>
From Wine Festival draws those seeking adventure from the Cape Cod Times:

Besides the superb pinot noirs, other wines showcased were all generally terrific. This is "the golden age of wine", claim winemakers. The overall quality of wine in the market these days is exceptional and there were certainly no clunkers at the festival, although few good bargain wines. At the grand tasting, which featured 150 wineries, most wines retailed for $18 to $20, with some in the $35 to $50 range.

Ironically, there was one surprise. It was an unlikely selection at a wine festival of this caliber where wines hail from century-old rootstocks and some of the world's greatest wine producing regions.

It was wine in a box.

Yes, six refreshing types, including chardonnay, merlot and sauvignon blanc blended by a French oenologist. The wines, called FREERANGE, are cleverly presented in different crayon-colored boxes. It's not wine to applaud but neither to sneer at. In fact, their Red Bordeaux made the top 100 list of affordable Bordeaux wines, a list compiled by the Bordeaux Wine Bureau.

Yay! It is getting some steam!