frozen schoolbuses

Another day of no school. The golden buses are sitting in their parking lot...waiting to warm up. Subzero today. Tomorrow, a balmy 15˚ or so. Cos Tangorra, our superintendent of the School of Love said in a pdf on their website:

"I would like to explain the circumstances that caused this morning’s late announcement of the school district’s delay and eventual closing.

Due to new state regulations restricting additives that may be used in school bus fuel, we have been experiencing difficulty with our buses during extreme conditions. Our Transportation Department has devoted a great deal of energy in an attempt to address the situation. This morning when the buses were started, we certainly believed that the issue had been attended to and was well within our control.

At approximately 7:00, a number of our buses began experiencing difficulty and I was informed that we had no choice but to delay school. By 8:15, it became clear that we would not have enough buses to bring the students in and the decision to close school had to be made."

What does this mean? What do they add to the "school bus fuel"? What is "school bus fuel"? Karo syrup? Bug Juice? And the experiencing difficulty? Does that mean stopping? Or the windows opened and shut automatically for 20 minutes? Or the door wouldn't close? or the neon Stop on the stop sign changed to Love? I love the obtuseness. Another thing I do know, there are 1500 kids (or so) thrilled to have another day to sleep in and watch the fast food tee vee they love. They will be swarming Main Street, steaming up the windows of New York Pizza and crowding the tiny Gimme--sipping lattes, hot chocoate and chai. Sounds pretty divine.
Maybe I should hang out with them?

Started the birds phase 2. This is good. A little levity in the heart...

There are pictures to be done inspired by the Hindu goddess, Kali. She is a babe.

Wiki sez about Kali>>

Kali is a feminine form of the Sanskrit word "kala," meaning "time". It also means "black". Kali has therefore been translated variously as "She who is time," "She who devours time," "She who is the Mother of time," "She who is black," and "She who is black time". Kali's association with blackness stands in contrast to her consort, Shiva, whose body is covered by the white ashes of the cremation ground (Sanskrit: 'śmaśan') in which he meditates, and with which they are both associated, hence Kali's epithet 'Śmaśanâ.'

Doesnt that get the juices going?? This is a gal that is depicted with four arms and a garland of 51 head. She is a wrathful chick (to some) who in her anger,impatience and frustration will stamp her foot that will cause earthquakes. In her rage, she will drink blood of her enemies. Isnt she something? And lots to work with...

Here's a little tale that warms the cockles of my heart--(think children's book!!)

Once Kali had destroyed all the demons in battle, she began a terrific dance out of the sheer joy of victory. All the worlds or lokas began to tremble and sway under the impact of her dance. So, at the request of all the Gods, Shiva himself asked her to desist from this behavior. However, she was too intoxicated to listen. Hence, Shiva lay like a corpse among the slain demons in order to absorb the shock of the dance into himself. When Kali eventually stepped upon her husband she realized her mistake and bit her tongue in shame.It is also said that the story goes like this: In a time of dark age when a demon roamed the earth and couldn't be destroyed by any man, only a woman that from the 3 divine forces of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma a lady figure was formed. This was durga maa or Mother Durga. Mother kali is an incarnation of mother durga and mother parvati and they all depict the female force of Shiva. The story of kali goes like this. There came a time when there was so much evil that mother durga couldn't take it any more that she grew angry and came to earth as kali maa. Kali maa destroyed all the demons and had to drink their blood for our sake for if it fell on the floor the demons would multiply. In her rage she, herself was causing destruction being such a powerful goddess. She was so angry that she was going to stamp her foot on the ground but her power was so great that if she did so she would have caused an earthquake powerful enough to destroy the world. But Lord Shiva himself appeared under her and seeing his divine face she stopped.

Maybe Condi Rice could take some lessons from this bad ass babe?

Your thoughts?