the diesel in the schoolbuses froze

...and that is why there is no school today. We are talking negative 22 today. Cold enough that is hurts to breathe. Vermont cold. Stinging, no humidity cold. Snap the branches off the trees, cold. What we were anxious for when it was 70˚ in January, cold. And, now--we have it. Enough.

I am totally bored with the damned burkas. I feel like the poor frozen schoolbus. Something's gotta change. So, allowing myself to think a little (imagine!), I have decided to give myself a little permission to change my thesis and get back to the birds. I love them and the reaction to the birds have been positive. Not that the burkas are bad, its just that I want to get away from them...and the intent from the advisor, was to do work about something I was passionate about--and he surmised it was burkas as I did one illustration about them.

Lets start with the fact I have no problem with women and women's issues.The whole female schtick is tough for me after fourteen years of all girl school and the consciousness raising that went on there. I am sympathetic and supportive but not a bomb thrower over female rights etc. I believe women are indeed equal to men and they deserve to have the right to work and be paid equally to men. Same job, same pay, same rights, no questions. I believe women should and must be educated. I believe women should and must have the choice to have children or not. I believe women can do anything as well or better than a the woman thing I am onboard with.

However, I have a hard time getting all geared up about fundamentalism in a culture that I do not understand and have no touch with. It is as if I am studying polar bears on the moon, aliens, quarks or the lives of circus freaks. I have no context, no true sympathies (empathy yes...), no sense or semblance of this lifestyle and decision making. So the illustration process is impersonal and dispassionate--and I think it shows. I got so happy with the chopping out of the little kingfisher--I asked myself, "what gives?" . Which prompted this little discussion I have with myself about imagery and what am I more charged about...thus, the return to the birds. Your thoughts?