deep blue shadows

The school buses are rolling. Game is back on. The shadows on the snow are lavender and deep blue. Gorgeous. I almost wrecked the car yesterday on a round trip skittle to Corning startled and stunned by the mid-afternoon, long shadows the trees were casting over the fields. Striking. Even the snowmobile tracks look good. I need to shoot some reference as it doesn't get much better than this. Also, need to get in front of snowy card images for my clients as it rarely looks this good before Christmas--so images shot now would be welcome in October for that holiday card rush we always experience.

Birds coming on. Working on 2 goose pictures at the same time. Puffins, penguins, an ostrich, a hawk, a snowy egret in it's mating plumage, another chicken head and a raven on the docket. All open to change. I am also thinking about Pale Male, an impressive blond, red-tailed hawk that lives in Manhattan. He is an avian celebrity. You should see the paparazzi in the park with their long lenses pointed at the sky.

The news is making me nuts. The Scooter case is crazy....I wish PBS or NPR would broadcast that circus. It is true that reality is better than fiction. And its a week more of Al Franken, and then he leaves us. Amy Goodman doesnt have the fun factor or the wonderful interviews Al does. Who is going to fill that gap?