Dia: Beacon

Visited Dia: Beacon with the team today. Icy folks work there. Work was cool as usual. We particularly adored the Richard Serra ginormous corten steel structures and how we all related to these battleship scaled sculptures. Additionally, we loved the Sol Lewitt installations (mindbending in it's precision and focus) and the new Bruce Nauman fish fountain. The Fish fountain were dozens of scale bronze fish, suspended from a structure over a larger room shaped fountain, with high tech hoses attached to the fish that would regularly sprout water. Beautiful. Of course, there were the artificial glass sculptures with string defining spaces--like leaning piece of glass--It still makes us slightly afraid being around thse pieces. Alex turned me on to this installation of 75 Warhol pieces in once space celebrating shadows. Very cool. Very variation on a theme. And enough to keep us interested--and looking.

Our friend Isabel summed up the gift shop succinctly by relating that there were actual art books on the shelves that were just WORDS. No pictures. 'Nuf said. It was the purgatory that Clement Greenburg promises.

The Catskills were glorious and purple. And Route 2 from Troy to North Adams was stunning. We saw the special moon with "earth shine" with Venus directly beneath as promised on Earth and Sky this morning.

Swimming and Mass Moca tomorrow.