69 Love Songs

I was listening to Fausto and Marc Felion on Feast of Fools interview LD Beightol, a musician, artist, author and designer the other day. LD was fascinating --talking about Stephin Merritt, Magnetic Fields, anti-naturalism and the 3 volume set of songs (love songs to be exact) called "69 Love Songs". He spoke personally of Merritt, his skill as an artist, musician, composer and director--using his skills and the voices of others to create this opus of songs and lyrics written by Merritt. Stephin Merritt is a true talent, someone with a wonderful range and a distinct style in his work. He also is a very distinct personality who surrounds himself with interesting people--the most curious being the curious Lemony Snicket (aka Daniel Handler) who participates in the album with clapping and accordian playing.

After hearing this engaging and personal interview, I immediately rushed to iTunes and listened to the free snippets of music. I was raving to Erich and he magically presented me with the 69 Love Songs--all as MP3 files. He discovered thisWho would have guessed! So, I am listening to this tome--back and forth and forth and back and am enjoying the whole experience. In a way, kind of like Smile from Brian Wilson.
A stream of music, of thought and ideas.

I somehow think this work links with the Jurassic Museum of Technology, with Lemony Snicket and the works from McSweeneys (McSweeneys books, The Believer, Wholphin)>> there is a common spirit to these endevors which I would like to better understand.

Take a listen to Merritt's work. Its worth it.