nice to know you arent the only one.

Well, bless his little ole heart! David Byrne did a great review of the Dia:Beacon and Mass Moca experiences with a little history and vision behind what is positive about their existence and missions in his journal>> and pretty much nails it. He is much kinder and more balanced than I am wont to be. The only part he missed was the severity and coldness of the staff at Dia. Nasty sort. They have the air of being put upon and much much better than the rest of us morons who don't aspire to being museum guards at Dia. They are pointed and unkind when an unsuspecting guest (read imposition) points a camera with the flash turned off and berates them for their ignorance in wanting to memorialize something visually. No pens in the gallery. And in the lunch room, art DocTrine...that smacks of Chairman Mao.