always look at your old stuff first

I am a big believer that whenever stumped, going back to old work, old sketches, stuff from the primordial times (even high school) is basic, quintessential imagery or ideas that continue to pop up in current pieces. We all have old favorites, old magic references, old techniques that when stumped, is a good place to start. So, I show you something that keys off of the work Matisse did when he was an old man. Growing up in Pittsburgh, the cut paper Matisse that they have at the Carnegie Museum of Art was a beacon for me on days I would spend trolling the collection in search of a new idea or image. So, to that, here is to old man Matisse, surrounded by sweet young things, cutting painted paper and having his assistants place the pieces according to his direction and demands. Now we have adobe illustrator. All I need is the painted paper. More later.