go back to basics, part two

As I said earlier today...when in doubt, get in the time machine and see what worked for you before. I bought this old set of books printed in mid 1800s chock full of English heraldic images and descriptions. So, that got cracked open and scanned like mad today. Don't you just love this image? I want an eye in my hand. If I cant have that, I need to make more images of stuff like this.

Another wonderful thing that I stumbled over and want to share with you. I was reading the adobe "meet the fabulous digital artist" article about Josh Davis. Josh is way cool--combining his ability to program along with his fondness (I am assuming it's fondness--maybe its just like a hammer--and who is fond of their hammer?--am I sounding like a girl or what??) for adobe illustrator. His code generates illustrations--One thing led to the other--from his website > to where he is teaching>> The Anderson Ranch. Summer Camp everyone!!!The Print shop looks cool. The faculty is cuspy and cool. If I weren't going to be melting in Syracuse, Colorado would be a place I would want to be. What do you think??