gearing up with no engagement.

Investigating this kind of wood cutty technique. Along the same lines as the rice and tiger stripe look. Stumbling along on a graphic project (can't talk about it right now) with the wheels whirring but not engaging. Maybe take a break for a day or so from that so that something will stick. I am charged up about it...just what is coming off the pen, stinks. Need to pour over some books. Hello, Jim Flora!

Happily frosty here. Was sharp cold yesterday with a little tempering today. Snow. But no blankets of it. The way it should be at least. Squirrels at the Luckystone. I just hope they arent the "bad" kind...those nasty red squirrels. Pat the Bugman on it.

Light in Winter this weekend was disappointing. Seems that they have a format--and new talent of a "type" is slotted into the same place as last year. R and K had an opportunity to hear Jim Bell, a Cornell scientist, speak and show images from the wonderful and long-lasting Mars Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity. The images are stunning --gorgeous and truly something that stuns one--the actual aspect we own a coffee table book of images from Mars...makes me speechless. If we can do that, we should be able to do anything...