More from the land of the surfers

When we were in Huntington Beach, glorious place that it is--I was dumbfounded by the tagging going on with black and white stickers for surf companies and the like. The images above is a brief collection from one dumpster outside of this amazing mexican "shack". I love what is going on here....and the stickers were all over any vertical surface at the restaurant, on public trash containers, cars etc. Graphics, graphics and more graphics. Where you look, what you wear, on your body,where you shop, what you do, on sports, on everything. Tattoos, stickers, graphics, screenprinting, output...The more the better. Simple, easy to remember, cheap to reproduce. We don't have that kind of fun back east. We are bores...who do not decorate. We are austere and puritanical. We want to fade versus come to the forefront. We live in a wasteland of brown, blue and purple with overcast skies and frigid temperatures.