I was invited to join, a free, "high res" creative site that one is given 8 frames to fill of your work. Very easy interface and simple to use (though not too detailed) key words to describe your work/piece. I am impressed with the ease of use, the good looking page unlike the screaming green at which fights with the work), and the frames that are set up for copy. They have a nice space that you can upload a pdf file "a profile" which I guess could be a spec/sell sheet of your work. They also have nice profile keywords that better help to slot what you do. Take a look at my page>> For free, it is a deal...and for pay there seems to be more on the page for the viewer than other sites. Plus, when you click on the image, the image comes up much bigger (12" wide) so the detail that is often lost with the web, can be seen.

Check it out.