I give up.

I find this very frightening. Actually, more frightening than pretty much anything I have experienced in the recent past:


This is how they sum themselves up:

An effective logo should stand out above those of your competitors and bring you in thousands of unexpected dollars.

We are masters of logo design and know precisely what it takes to design an attention-grabbing custom logo in as fast as one business day. A team of 5 top in-house logo designers will work on your logo for a very small fraction of what large corporations pay - Just $259.

Yep. While you wait. Logos... and if you need to move fast, you can get their platinum service for only $99 bucks extra and have 3 more top designers added to the mix. Imagine.

I give up. Next step, Microsoft creates logodesign as part of their MSOffice suite.

However, look at the Logoloft Not only is it scaled according to how many artists and how many designs...but how you load the job much like the chinese menu offered to you for school pictures. They even provide printing, in house design and dedicated phone support.But, this is not $259. that the Logocare folks offer.

More later.