Pile it on. We are all going to be out of the office, but somehow no one seems to understand that despite my clarity on our time off next week. Illustrations, business pubs, logos just walking in the door today...yayyee. So, my head is spinning on my body..but I have been very grown up and have been stating the start date of when the work begins again. No, I will not be taking a portable studio with me etc. Somehow people seem to think that as you are an "artist" artists work anywhere and anyplace--impulsively creating for their clients. Nope. Doesnt work that way. I have Memento Mori work to do on vacation. There is hope for them to have 4-6 sketches to sell in the viability of doing a program for a big casino. My feeling is that we do not need to show our entire hand prior to having an agreement to doing the project. I hopefully have been getting through by coaching directly insofar as what works/what doesnt relative to the promise of what the client can do, create, or project to the end client. Steep slope.

More people interested in buying gliclees. Small jobs on a regular basis. Slow but sure.

Magic opaque projector just arrived along with a stack of trace. Yeay!

Its late, Ive got to wrap it up.