Thursday Thursday

Birthday presents to buy today as K has three parties this weekend. We raided the present closet and found two of the three...but not a good fit for the third birthday recipient. I know the closet drives poor R. crazy but it is truly a savior 90% of the time with my last minute child. We will be full bore on Ithaca Art Trail. Today, the trail mix needs to happen. The postcards collated. More stuff to be framed. I hope we have a big turnout. Keeps things exciting.

Have been cutting paper like crazy and the india ink is open and in use. It was interesting last weekend to hear a german lady saying she liked the Memento Mori work as it looked like Scherenschnitte (a german art of papercutting). Another person liked the work as it looked like energized Mexican work. So, an opening party to show the work might definitely have beer, but sauerkraut and tacos might not be a fit. I have been merging the cut work with drawn images etc. Its interesting as the hand cut thing is far more random looking than cut in illustrator. Big question is how do I make the work in illustrator look as fresh has handcut? or do I handcut and then either hand draw or use the trace feature and work into it? Need to try both.