beautiful day

Warm here. Mid 70s. Shady Grove lost her cast, had confirming xrays and is free from more vet visits. She will just need to stay relatively quiet for the next month to let her foot entirely heal. Poor thing, I think she thought I wouldn't be back to get her. Her entire body, tail and head were wiggling and wagging just to let me know that she was delighted I showed up.

I saw a complete field filled with these elegant wild turkeys amongst the evaporating dew, misty. Long and tall...quiet and still. It was a golden snapshot. The apple trees are laden here. We really haven't gotten a hard frost---so the color is soft, apples are still hanging on and there is tons of produce (tomatoes and basil still) packing the stands nearby and on Route 79 into Ithaca.

Just made 80 packs of cards for the weekend. Also made 10 packs of Ithaca Art Trail Mix (chocolate chips, peanuts, sunflower seeds, raisins, craisins and apricots) all from wonderful goods from the Mecklenburg Mercantile. I love this store. The Mercantile is run by a pair of sister in laws who buy wonderful food things from the Regional Access and break the cases down and sell plastic bags (a la bulk) filled with all sorts of things that are high quality and really affordable. And they carry eggs from Happy Hens(organic from Interlaken), organic butter and milk. You can go into the Merchantile with $20. and leave with two big bags of great stuff. Another local jewel.

Trouble with A. and antics with highschoolers. There may be some detention or something along that line. Lesson has def been learned. Urg.

R winging his way back to us tomorrow.