Plugging away

Three days and round two of the Ithaca Art Trail going to happen again. Things to accomplish in the next few days:

--make and package Ithaca Art Trail Mix. Make a cute label.
--make new cover/or belly band for the new Lulu offering.
--make up 75 more postcard packs (10 cards in a polka dot envelope)
--check on the holiday cards. If need to, package more.
--print and frame images to fill in the gaps missing.
--buy some choker shirts for my own giving for xmas.

Saw Alice Gant today. She was watering her rainbow of flowers, getting ready for her second weekend on the trail. She was optimistic about the experience--and interested in seeing what happens this weekend and then via phone before Christmas. Interesting. I am curious to see if there is spin from last weekend--you know, friends bringing friends, watercooler recommendations etc. If the weather is good, apparently the traffic tends to be better than on dreary grey days. We'll see.

My friend, Paula Horrigan, who is a landscape architect, artist and art bookmaker saw the new Lulu book and was effusive about it--pushing me to get it to Dia Books in NYC as she feels there is a market there for this thing. Paula buys handmade books and collects them--so she is def. the customer and will know the places that might be interested in these things. I need to do a little research around this. It is exciting to get this sort of response which was more than the positive vibes that a friend would politely effuse. I was so charged up, I worked until close to midnight on the second book--working with my images, the new cut paper frames and photoshop. Started making some little helmet skulls, and some line drawings with inked backgrounds (that will be fused in photoshop) inspired by fabric I found on the internet. Paula went further about fabrics and home furnishings that her friend reps that are embracing this imagery.

I really want to get going on embroidering one of the images. Also, I am itching to get some really thick, all wool felt to make some felted images too. Felt, blanket stitching, even some buttons. Even buttons in the mode of those English mummers that had their complete set of clothes covered in buttons. Some of the Pacific Northwest native americans also do some of this too.

171 Cedar Street is having a holiday sale starting in mid November which I think I will send cards, books and prints (framed ones left over from the Art Trail Weekends). I am flattered to be invited. It may yield some sales--and def. increase exposure down in the Corning area. I have two holiday cards and am thinking about maybe printing one more design...Maybe? Boy, I really need to pencil in some time starting in May to prep for October, November sales. This could be something to plan, design and develop.

Erich located these cool heavy duty gold frames that the Chemung River School painters use. Am psyched. They have gorpy times ten.

Revisions on the holiday cards for clients. I hope we are close.