On the eve of a new year!

We had a terrific weekend. We had around 20 thirteen or so year olds for a sports/birthday gathering. It was pouring rain which didn't seem to deter their high spirits and even higher energy. Wet kids. Sopping wet, oh my god your parents are going to be really unhappy you have pneumonia kids. And eating kids. But we were ready for that. We also bought a stack of card decks, a couple of big boxes of poker chips...and when they were'nt wet outside, they were wet inside playing poker and drinking soda. Our party was a big hit...and hopefully the beginning of a chain of parties.

Sunday we went to the Genesee Country Museum (Mumford. NY) and Rose Hill Mansion(Geneva, NY) for R. to take pictures of building details he wants to integrate into our rennovation projects. We think that Rose Hill was designed by the same architect that designed our house (Thomas Judd)--so the details and architectural "hand" might give us clues to how certain aspects of the building could be amended/ or revised. That was great. Kitty and A. and I took pictures of all the animals and laughed at each other. The gardens are in full bloom and beautiful. It was nice just being surrounded by so much thought and work. Our hope was to see the old fashioned baseball being played (the crew had seen it before and loved it--without me--and wanted to get a dose of it again). Unfortunately, rain out.

Labor Day was a trip to see the Syracuse Skychiefs beat the Pawtucket Red Sox. Great game. Cute park. Great sausage. Eight $ per ticket (that is the killer expensive seats). Def very hometown and simple. A. loved it. K loved it....and was trolling for "cute" guys (they were'nt there). We looked at the stats and everyone understood what they meant. We bought baseball caps (we had the skychiefs hat so we needed Boston and the Blue Jays hats). On the way back, we went to see Falcon Park, single A (also for the Blue Jays) baseball in Auburn NY. Totally cute little field...kind of grown up high school. Everyone was so enthusiastic about baseball, I have a feeling we are going to start going to other people's games in April (in addition to those we participate in ) to get a full season in.

Today promises more rain...and the opportunity to line up all of our pencils, lay out the clothes that are clean and fit, scrounge for the gym clothes that we will need all year long and get the rest into the laundry because tomorrow is day one of the 2006-2007 learning season at the Trumansburg Central School District. And we must be ready.

I'm not.

Cabin is from the Genesee Country Museum, Mumford, NY. The silly sheep is also from the Genesee Country Museum. Can you imagine? I guess this sheep was a little tired or just plain wanted to get closer to the good eats. The white building is a side view of RoseHill looking towards Seneca Lake.