We're Live!

FreeRange is now available for sale! This picture was taken at Kappy's Fine Wines and Spirits, Everett, MA of an end of aisle display. Looks pretty good. Definitely looks very real. It is great to see that the real thing really looks like the comps (it always surprises me that the sketch is sometimes as good or better than the final, so it is always a treat to see when they match up!). The shipper box is distinct in this marketplace as it has a pulltab/ zip strip waistband (disguised by the red bar on the box). The zip strip allows the shop to easily open the box without using a knife (which is hazardous when the boxes are cardboard and the bags are mylar versus glass) and controls where the box is opened to allow a consistent look and feel every time you open the case. New in this wine world. Very exciting! Tom and Jonathan are working their heads off to get it in more stores with more distributors on the east coast. With their effort and the combination of good wine and good graphics, I think we have a chance to get some traction in the near future. Check FreeRange for pix of Tom and Jenny's funny chickens, pix of Tom, Jonathan and the team, detail on the wine and the current distributors. More in the future.