Okay guys. New site to go to:

Copro Nason Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave
Space T5, Bergamot Station
Santa Monica, CA

Cool gallery. Really nice creepy work. Check out Naoto Hattori, "Another World Living"--extra creepy please! Alex and I cruised this work and the other artists being shown now... and were able to keep his t.v. head focused on the images. No, they don't have anything this "out there" on television. I love the way Hattori brings the ole Peter Bruegel/ Escher headset to an eastern content-set. Eyeballs set in hands with the fingers having stretched out heads on their tips. Hair on a head twisting into a wrist out of which blooms a hand that has a rose blooming out of it's palm with another eyeball in the center of it. A labyrintine floating city in the shape of a heart, above a plain with mushroom trees.

Naoto Hattori
Copro Nason Gallery