Fish Hatchery

I had totally forgotten the fish hatchery we visited on Saturday. First off, Rob seems to think that this fish hatchery is the first in NY State. It's in this little victorian town called Caledonia (that looks like some sort of Disney fantasy of what a little victorian town looks like--from a round-about in the middle of the town with a gleaming white Civil War Monument, a dressed stone hotel and restaurant with a big front porch on the circle, manicured lawns in front of perfectly painted clapboard houses with tons of detail and ornament--). You get the idea. The hatchery is a series of long pools that have fish all about the same age from teensy one inch fish all the way up to big silver monsters that are then trucked to the Finger Lakes and set free. It is in a lovely setting with a quickly running stream that has this abrupt turn in it...It is both a bird and fish sanctuary. There were field swallows dive bombing the water, all sorts of wild grasses, sedum and yarrow...and to our amazement, this blue heron resting in a tree above us. There were apples on the trees. It all smelled green and woody. What a fairyland we happened on.