Feet Down

Yesterday was a solid landing back into reality. Made reservations for November's meeting in NYC and discovered that the ole tried and true hotel is still the best price (if you split with someone else). It's in a great NYC neighborhood with H&H Bagel, Zabars,Fairway just around the corner--and each room has a mini kitchen to make the eating out thing less expensive and important as great take-out is everywhere. Looked into flights to London. Talked to my clients. Checked in with the fabulous staff. Getting ready to send out for some big prints of my chicken head and the loon for a show at a local community college.

Going to Pittsburgh to help my mom move. Looked into having a trailer hitch put on the car and there is so much mystery and suspense to the whole thing that there must be a lot of money to be made at relatively low effort that it's kind of a quest for excalibur in getting the right information, timing etc. Urg. The simple things are never simple.

More work on the decanters tonight. Found out the client wants more stuff (plasticine models, different views etc)--so we will see what we can do.

Am developing some print quotes, design quotes, and financial information for a line of credit. Also have the ambiguous December holiday card to revisit. I think the holiday card is a bit overwhelming that the best thing to do is to jump in and start cranking. Thinking about it only gets you to the cement wall that is too high to jump and too thick to crash through. So forward movement may move the needle--and perhaps spin a little inspiration around the work. It should be fun. All I have to do is make it so.

Am musing a lot about the papers and the pictures. I figure I can knock off the book jacket cover first. Will take a picture of the intrepid Mandy so as to be able to render her in oil paints as my second try on the jacket. The papers are clarifying themselves, but with that clarification, somehow it gets deeper and scarier. Head up...move forward!

Sam Taylor-Wood, Self-Portraits Suspended