Let Your Freak Flag Fly!

Our wonderful upperclassmen "walked"(i.e. graduated) on Friday to our sadness in the end of our educational journey with them, but with happiness as it was a positive conclusion of a ton of work, travel and thought. Educators, professional illustrators (and children's book illustrators), individuals and art directors comprised the group--they all grew and changed and evolved to another place they may not have anticipated at the beginning of this process. We wish them well and hope to see and hear from them in the future.

Our class lost one person but gained 2 returns from previous years to complete their degree. We will gather again in November in NYC and then in March in London! We have a business plan, 2 pictures, and 2 papers on aesthetic issues. The papers shouldn't be a problem, but I may have to think (god forefend!). One picture is a book jacket cover for Greg Manchess. I plan to do it on the computer but also paint it in a second iteration. The other picture illustrates "opposites". I have 4 going right now (in sketch phase)--so it could be fun.

My tribe came to pick me up from school. It was totally fun. They had just gone to see an antique baseball game at the Genessee Country Museum in Mumford, NY. And then, a night game in Syracuse with the Skychiefs (to their great delight!--) complete with hats and a play by play description. They loved the field, the baseball buzz, the shouting fans, the game itself. It was a picture perfect, clear evening that was the right setting for an evening game. The weekend continued with warm lake water against cool and breezy weather--with all of us bobbing in the waves.

Worked on a series of decanter designs for a new client. I hope the client will like them. They are pretty fun.

Back to normal again. Getting back to the office should be monumental.