Week Two: Day Four: Look Out Risko!

Meet Miguel Covarrubias. This guy is the forerunner of Hirshfield and Risko (who is pretty transparent in his borrowing from this talent. I have Professor David Tatham to thank for plugging me into this wonder today. We talked about Play and Work today with this engaging man. Other interesting artists he discussed was Hogarth... who was instrumental in the british legislation of graphic satire not being vulnerable to legal action/defamation. We also saw Eric Gill's sculpture of the North and West Wind. Love Eric Gill...the monkish man who lived stylishly, created beautiful type, illustration and sculpture and made a strong enough impression to be viable today. Love Sam Taylor-Wood. She is new to me...but inspiring, talented and has a broad message with a singular viewpoint in all of her pieces. Need to start thinking more like a cubist. Man, did they have some great energy around their work.

Messing with oil paints with the fabulous Greg Manchess. He is such a talent who is really coming on. He has relaxed around us...and we are getting more of him, more of his heart and thinking. He is an inspiration and a good move for Syracuse.

2006 show of the 2006 graduates. Bittersweet and heart wrenching. It was so interesting and bespeaks of closure as all of our pals that we know as individuals--and not part of a clan, a family or a connection were there with their present and future, their family, friends and the embrace of their individual communitites... with all of us
fellow students being ghosts of a memory--essentially a snapshot in time. I was so proud of all of these wonderful people, their work, their energy, and their excellence as people was an inspiration. They are a credit to our Big Orange School. I hope we can continue to stay in touch as they have been a source of comfort and confirmation to those of us with less confidence and work--than those of us who are established and skilled.

The class behind us is pretty wonderful too. And...we have 2 new members of our class...really upping the group--and upping the inspiration. We are blessed. Finished our Business Test. Just need to do a business plan. It's due September 29. Hopefully, we will have this done a month early. We have 2 papers for Mr. Professor Tatham...a picture for Chris Payne, a picture for Professor Manchess. No shortage of business!

images shown above are from Miguel Covarrubias. Are you taken with this? I am!