Week Two, Day Three: Syracuse Encampment

We painted the model...oil paints with our teacher, Greg Manchess, loudly saying the color we needed to mix, where to go, how to sock it in. It was not paint by numbers. It was like trying to jog next to a triathelete...your second day out. Yowza. We had more critiques of our work...and a phenomenal review of a stack of double primed linen rectangles that Greg painted. The black and white work and full color panels he did for a new version ofConanwas phenominal. Very Dean Cornwall. He handles paint in this lovely loose,but tight way. He understands light. He abbreviates detail but the work is not lacking. Plus, he is nice. What a treat for this week.

Mr. David Tatham reviewed the topics of family and world today. We talked about the two papers due...and the dense dense dense readings from Clement Greenberg, Susan Sontag that are key to the understanding and commentary of modern art....but for those of us that seem to be losing brainpower versus gaining...these documents begin to make sense at the 4th or so time. yikes!

sketch for my book jacket cover.