bright skies, new opportunities

On my return from travel, I was roused to a consideration of subjects which I had previously never dreamed of, or thought about, connected with self; and I had such ideas that, had I spoken of them openly, I must, if answered in the world's fashion, have been told I was unreasonable. I concealed, of course, these secret admonitions. I knew not whence they came, although I could not question their propriety, nor could I separate myself from what appeared my fate. My religious opinions varied and do vary from the vulgar; I was inclined to fall in with the views of the ancients, and to regard the substitution of modern ideas thereon as not for the better. These and the like, coupled with an idea of a descent from the Egyptian god Osiris..." (quoted in Allderidge, pp22-3).

Richard Dadd


We worked late on thises and thats for our client. R. did some really lovely designs --my favorite being a streetscape with a sort of David McCauley cut-away of the interworkings. I am going to visit the same client to review the sunface and roses that we have been workin on--actually rendered in their final material. Should be interesting.