scary..more thinking

Might have a contract in the offing. A client suggested this based on the little thises and thats I have been illustrating for them over the past month or so. It really is a question of how one structures it and establishes walls, doors and windows in it so there is room to move when it the contract has been met and to recap our client, to allow for more income per project to happen in the right situations. This is the first agreement for me with illustration and I am kind of pleased, and to be honest, surprised, that this sort of work (spot illustrations) have such a value for this company that they would be thinking a longer term solution than a onesie-twosie. The nice thing about illustrations (particularly these small, semi-fast ones) is that there is not a big time committment, I can work out details 4-5 different ways to move the design along, the final is black and white line drawings with a shaded one for finalization and that there are no typos!

I am looking forward to the next month when we have a teacher talking to us about the business of illustation. I want to pick his brains about contracts, royalties, "percentage of businesses", and how to think about structuring these negotiations so that I get the most out of each job possible--so it feels more like a balanced transaction. I have been giving away the store with graphics, to some degree, I think it is necessary as the globalization of MSWord and MSPowerpoint has given every individual a chance to think they are graphic designers. And, if those folks are not visually saavy (which, unfortunately many are at all levels of companies)--then what is the need for good kerning, strong grids and layouts and a sequential way of thinking of image, brand and look/feel. Sometimes, a future graphic client needs a little introduction on what we do as designers and how we think a little differently before they begin to place a value on it.

With illustration, yes...MSWord has a "fabulous" (?) selection of clip art and one can add pictures to emphasize the bad graphics (yes, Lucille, you can color your type with rainbows, dimensionalize it and then, drop a shadow!--and that's just the headline!!)--with illustration, there is a point of difference still--and many people will admit to not knowing one end of the pencil from the other when it comes to drawing.

I wonder if there is still a drawing test with either bambi or a pirate to get into art school? I am going to google that right now!

More rain today. Our trumpet vine has decided to take over the universe. I quake in fear.