another summer day

First off, I apologize for no recent images...this sticky, funkybone imac will not let me upgrade it's operating system and is very touchy when I try to upload pictures...essentially winking out during an upload. So, the pictures and links will happen tomorrow when I am back in a more computer stable environment. Please forgive.

Another beautiful day. No clouds. Hot and humid (not my first choice). Have been in and out of the water all day. Visited the Corning Museum of Glass ( yesterday to see the "Glass of the Maharajahs" show. This glass is glass furniture, chandeliers, and even prayer rugs developed by English cut glass companies for the Indian markets. Sparklie, Shiny...colorful. Cut glass chairs with solid rhinestone fabric upolstering the cushion. A sparkling fly whisk. Cut glass tables with gold.Glitzy. And Big stuff. Not my taste but amazing none the less.

My friend, Tina, curated a new installation of work in the Contemporary galleries @ CMoG. Wonderful work. Some of it kinetic, some of it political, some of it tranquil and beautiful. Big stuff, tiny stuff. Very thought provoking and inspiring. Worth the trip to see what new brains and hands are creating. Corning, New York.

Grassroots starts this week in the hamlet of Rongovia. The campers are beginning to line up. The shaggy ones are beginning to arrive. There is a festive, almost holiday atmosphere amongst the villagers. YeeHaw!

Blue Cut Glass Table:
F. & C. Osler, 1880-1885.
H. 75 cm., Diameter 43.6 cm.
Collection of The Corning Museum of Glass (2005.2.11).