a nice day to draw

We had a mini sketch crawl in Tburg on Saturday. We had 18 participants from a 91 year old artist to some of the middle school set.

Everyone drew parts of Main Street--and in the later afternoon, we posted the pictures on the Bank's window for everyone to see what had transpired. It was great. We had line drawings, watercolors and pastels. We had pictures of streetscapes, of the inside of the local diner, of the local hardware store. And! Everyone had fun! So, we will do this again. I must admit I was quite skeptical, but it all happened--and was very positive and energizing. There is lots of interest here as the local visual artists feel left out of the community arts vibe. This is an easy group to develop ideas for.

Yes, there was a double header on Saturday. We won the first game! A. got a couple of hits, caught a ball in the outfield and ran in a few runs.

Sunday, I spent the better part of the day drawing angels (no demons). A calligraphic one worked out nicely. As soon as I get the tissues back, I will post one for your review.