bloomin' roses

Need to focus on roses in tiny tight spaces this weekend. Client needs one and they are a bit short for time. So, hello Wiener Verkstatte! Hello, Mr Wonderful, Koloman Moser. What a guy! He is a big pattern guy who can draw like an angel. He understands pattern and weaves it in whenever he can. He can work full color and is probably better with a limited palette of 2 or so flat color. Tiny spots are no problem for this guy. He did architecture, paintings, silverware and jewelry. He designed fashion and fabric and furniture. Only problem was there wasn't a lot of interest (read money) in the work. So he left his co-conspirator, Josef Hoffman (Whoa, what a designer!) and let another guy be the co-director of the Verkstatte. Check him out.
I have a book and will give you the title so you can look for it. Hope the skies are high and the roses blooming (no beetles, thank you!) for your weekend. We have baseball! and other volunteer stuff in perfect T'burg.