body of work

Small revelation in the dark and rainy night. One of the phrases we keep hearing during our time with the crowd from Syracuse is "body of work". A body of work is a large group of illustration or pieces...without any width or depth--essentially, a way to prove ability and a style (I guess?). With a body of work, an illustrator is an illustrator. Ready for business. So, why can't an illustrator have a body of work to express a different point of view, a different technique or style? Why wouldn't an illustrator have a few bodies of work to best show width and depth and a choice for the client (if a working relationship is established)?

You could have a line art portfolio, a vector portfolio, a painting portfolio, a frisky logo portfolio--to expand reach and opportunity. Not a big idea...but something to ponder as I am having some fun returning to my calligraphic roots...and would llike to do some spec stuff--some illlustrations, some pattern design...and this could evolve into a select calligraphic illustration body of work worth showing.