Monkeying around

Fiddling around with watercolor and a sharpie during the continuing documentary film festival we are sponsoring for Kitty and Alex. Last night's showing (partial--it got too late and school is tomorrow/today) was of "Farenheit 911". Good to see it, and particularly good to see it through their eyes. It's funny how much they really love this approach to movies--I guess because it's real, it's edgy (the more point of view for those two, the better)and they actually learn something. They are begging to see "Brokeback Mountain" but I am not sure about it.

We are good to go on the skate park work from yesterday. The crowd seems to like it.

Wine man, my new client, weighed in....action on that soon.

The big wine project is moving along...with some distribution deals happening as we speak.

The day is short. Onward!