messing around

Tried doing some sort of architectural look for the San Francisco pictures and got bored. Tired and bored. My usual approach to "projects" is that you don't start a new one until you dog the other one to death and finish it...whether you like it or not...but I am, in my old age going to do what I want to do--and put the pains aside.Much healthier and much more fun. And, not so damned puritanical. So, more birds to come. I can't decide whether I should do more San Francisco birds, do "cross over birds" (ones that we get here "back east"), or domestic birds like chickens and geese...But I am on it. I figure if I can get enough bird work done, I will have 1) a bird body of work, 2)a thesis in the bag (if I want it), 3) 26 birds and 26 letters of the alphabet make a type of alphabetical bestiary that could be worked up into a book, or 4) 12 birds/12 months equal a calendar. You get the idea.

Want to do some chickens for Freerange. Freerange news is that they will be at the Nantucket Wine Festival at the end of the month. Very swanky and elite.They will be the first "box wine" shown there. The boys are psyched. More happening in the world of distribution etc.

Kitty and Alex were in high spirits this morning as Kitty is going to a choral judging that she has been working very hard on and Alex was going to spend the day on a field trip. Kitty looked beautiful and Alex had an orange shirt that made him look like a dreamsicle creamsicle. (As an aside, my younger friends do not know what a creamsicle is...I guess this dates me!).

The unhappy fellow shown above is a wandering sketch from yesterday. Still working with fascinated by the shapes in their faces. I want to understand them a little better. You may see more of them.