Avian Flu

This is an example of the 13 Avian Flu images that I did late last year. I have been alarmed by the prospect of this disease for well on a year now--and am startled with the blaise attitude the media, artists and people in general have with this threat. If it is anything like the flu that struck in the early part of the last century, it could wipe out as much as a third of the population. And, what with our being more global--where it is easy to fly from coast to coast or from country to county...if it engages...we could be looking at more. For all the flu shots and medicine we have, this is another surprise attack (a la 9/11)--albeit natural--that could level us as individuals and as a nation.

This image is called "It started with a goose"-- you get the idea. This was created in Adobe Illustrator CS1, and finished in Adobe Photoshop CS1. Hand-drawn images are merged into this design.