Spring is coming!

It was animal planet in the front yard this morning. These smarty pants deer were having a nice old time, eating whatever looked good (not close enough to the hosta to worry)-- So, I ran out on the front porch,stomped my feet and the bold things didn't even flinch. Then,I ran down the path & the four legged ones got the idea when I came within 10 feet of them that the buffet had closed. Go somewhere else for your springtime breakfast sandwich. And no, we do not throw in the homefries.

Bold as paint. Dumb as paint too.

Big nasty turkey vultures have returned and started their spring rituals in the back yard. I think they nest in some of the really tall pine trees--and caw and crow and circle until you are made crazy by it. Then, they strut around (neighbor says that they do this to dry their wings), flapping those big wings...and close enough to see their heads which look like its made of raw meat--framing their yellow, beady eyes. I think there may be a picture in there. I used to think they came for carrion, but now that we have been here for 3 winters, it seems they come for their spring holiday--to "share the love". And we do.