sketch crawl

There is a rough plan that during "Festival of Flowers" weekend--we will do a sketch crawl of a part of Main Street to gather interest in the Main Street Project, encourage drawing and gathering in a new way and begin to generate some interesting visuals around Main Street. The inspiration comes from Enrico Casarosa (see his blog listed to the right)who has done this in San Francisco and Japan. His Sketch Crawls are on a set date --so that people from around the world can do this--and add to his postings etc. about their crawl. He is a very engaging fellow--who felt that he needed to get out and draw for himself--and posed this idea to himself...which grew to be a community (arts) activity.He goes to different locations for inspiration etc.

Generally, the plan is to go from one location to another....starting early in the morning and ending up in mid/late afternoon--at a location that all the artists can gather at and share their work with each other.

I would like to sync up with his schedule, but ours should link to a Tburg activity to get the publicity and attention we will need to get a group together.