chores galores

Lots of stuff to do today. Resolve client issues. Make travel plans for the end of the month. Call people. Respond to kind e-mail. Make sure everyone eats. See a movie. We saw the new "Shut up and sing, the Dixie Chicks" movie at Fall Creek Pictures. Wonderful. Good documentary. Makes you want to go out and buy their entire body of songs on itunes to celebrate their strength as a team, as women with opinions and as true Americans. You Go!!! Am getting the kazillion holiday cards out. Visited the Luckystone Lodge--to discover that the back door was ajar. We were busy doing this and that when Alex arrived like a dour apparition, and proclaimed directly to ME, that there was a cat sleeping in Kitty's bed. Not our cat. A Goldie Locks kind of cat. So, charged with being the adult in this situation, I went to find a long haired olive-y tiger cat sleeping peacefully in Kitty's room and well aware that the "three bears" had come home. She/He was running to the back door like a flash...with us trying to keep the doggie girl getting excited from the opportunity of making friends, sharing deviant art addresses, and possibly exchanging a few text messages together.

More tomorrow. Sorry it is so close to home.