funniest game

We spent the better part of the morning watching the seventh grade boys battle Watkins Glen's boys in basketball. The game was great--our team using their lose until halftime and then come from behind to win strategy. It was a knuckle biter...but we came through and won. That wasn't funny...but what was-- was the gym. Watkins Glen Middle School's gym is on a the stage and the audience or fans sit down in the plushy seats as if the basketball game is a performance. Which, I guess it is. The little ponytailed, perfect clapping cheerleaders sit in folding chairs (where the orchestra normally would sit), facing the stage and do cheers with their backs to the fans...Sitting. Sitting! No springing, no perkiness, no entertainment for the slobs that are the fans. And, to make matters better (or worse) they sit in rows like they would if they were standing and cheering.Imagine!

The whole school was built in 1929 and thankfully, it has been maintained beautifully down to the stage as gym and the glorious floor model, moss green ceramic water fountain in the lobby. The lobby is also replete with bronze placards, in all caps, extolling the bravery of those who forged ahead into the wilderness to bring civilization etc..laying on generous portions of guilt and fear for those who read them. I loved it. The more guilt the better.

Then it was off to see the Christmas happenings at the Corning Museum of Glass. Lots to buy at good prices. Ladies choirs singing drippy carols. Tuba bands. Gigantic bowls of candy. Santa. A singing lady with a singing animal puppet. Breakfast and lunch with the Jolly one. The whole shooting match. (R. suggests next year there might even be live reindeer all harnessed to the sleigh). One of my most favorite purchases were basketball Christmas ornaments in glass. Another was all this great stuff from the indian exhibition marked down I bought a zillion things made out of beads. And 2 new candlesticks from William Gudenrath at the Studio Sale (a must for anyone within a 2 hr drive from Corning).Always try to buy one candlestick per year...they are so great and celebratory--that each one has a great memory.