tons of Lincolns

Abraham Lincoln | 30" x 24" | Private Collection
by Thomas Buechner (

There are great reference pictures of Lincoln to work with. has done some lovely portraits from those in the spirit of trying, I am messing around with Lincoln to see where it can go. Here are 2 sketches from the existing pile...and probably more to come. Am using the new Dr. Martins Star Matte Black (wow) in a rapidograph (first time since forever) and am loving working on this thick thick trace I got from envelope mall (see resources). It is fun to try some new stuff. I think I need to stretch Mr.Lincoln and see where he can go. There is a lot of stuff to push with that face...skinny lips, forehead, tufty hair, brows and the nose that is blunt like a shovel. We'll see. The holiday "I need it done tomorrow" scenarios are beginning to creep into our daily lists...and in another week...YIPES.