Teddy Dog

Here she is. Patiently waiting for me to take her picture which I think scares her. She even let me put a bumblebee costume on her and acted like it was an everyday occurance even though she hated it. Her whiskers are coming back in...and she is soon going to look like the swiffer we got at the pound. Cloudy already. I have a scarf wrapped around my neck and head to keep from my teeth chattering. Woke up at 3 a.m and started cataloging my work in my head after looking over the illustration work done for the summer encampment review. Big movement in the work (better)--and encouraging as the change has come all at once. I was itchy when I came back from Syracuse, feeling out of sorts, not knowing what to do, how to do it etc. I hate that feeling...but generally with that itchy feeling comes good change. I am beginning to recognize this as a symptom (like scratchy throat before an allergy).

Am thinking of trying to do my academic dodobird illustration a la the pumpkin. Two color job with midtones etc from the black and second color.Very bold and graphic...looks like some sort of print...and doing the translation is fun and relatively quick. Cracked open a few books early in the a.m and discovered that I am jazzed about the German expressionists and want to see what I can learn from them. Reviewed the mix at the I Spot and things are doing a little better than last month. Added a new image...took out the pinecones. Listening to a way junky book, The Templar Legacy, essentially the Templar version of The DaVinci Code. Are you an Audible fan? I am. Tons of good options to listen to...and worth it. Sign up and get the free book.