Blue Sky Day

Atop our plateau early fall. It has gotten chilly and I am glad a little time was put into cutting the iris down and pulling weeds as the work is going to incrementally increase as the weather gets colder and colder. Working on the medical test project today--not much fun in that vein. Took Shady out after disposing of Mei Mei's grand gift (a perfectly intact squirrel left outside the back door)--a beautiful creature. We were looking for mushrooms to no avail. But, we did see lots of color, asters and leaves. Pilated woodpecker siting yesterday.Need to buckle down and finish the paper started last week (albeit weak)...and start the next. I have a ton of illustration that must get done and I havent had a block of time to dig somehow has gotten in the way. We did some work for Steuben last night that have some promise, particularly some really cute ideas R has put forth. He is a very good designer!